Monday, March 15, 2010


(damn, that title is lame- whatever....)
Been reading a lot of biographies, autobiographies and memoirs recently. Couldn't tell you why. Maybe I'm trying to get an idea of what's needed to "make it." Regardless, I've noticed a lot of similarity between all of these folks (and a few definitive differences) that I can probably come up what is necessary to come out ahead and be successful doing what you love.

*Limited to no fear, particularly of failure
*Having supportive people/people who don't stand in your way
*Laser-like focus on your end goal
*Ability to adapt to what is thrown in your path
*Ability to change negatives into positives and dealing well with adversity
*Pride in being unique or different
*Knowing how to be respectful when necessary and aggressive when needed
*Doing what you love daily in some form

There others things I'm sure I'm missing but this quick list is what pops immediately to mind at this moment.

Life is wack juice versus awesome sauce.

Also, Chelsea Handler is a funny dickhead and Tracy Morgan is funny even in written form. "I'm old school. I don't pull out."

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