Friday, April 22, 2011

That Buck That Bought A Bottle Could've Struck The Lotto.....

I always just think about random stuff when I'm in the streets. Streams of consciousness and the like, usually starting from whatever I happen to see or thoughts begin from ideas for something I'm working on.
So, I'm out, going to the library and picking up a sandwich for my grandmother when I see the Powerball, Mega-Millions little tower by the candy racks. I always have those quick daydreams about what I would do if I won. I do this so much so that I probably have it listed on this blog somewhere.
Today it was a combo of winning the lottery and what I would do if I had a genie grant me three wishes. I'm sure this will change but this is the three wishes I would shoot for (figuring that you can't wish for more wishes or impossibilities like world peace)

1) I want to win the lotto when it gets above $120 million. I figure that this will give me around $60 million and I wouldn't be caught up in some "biting me in the ass/Twilight Zone/dickish genie" aspect of the wish as opposed to just winning for straight cash. Plus, $60 million is more than enough.

2) I want a checking account that has $5,000 in it no matter how much cash I withdraw and a savings account with $30,000 and the same stipulation. I know I just got $60 million but I figure after I get a few larger purchases, I can invest and save that money for future possible kids. The ever-lasting bank money would be good for my daily/weekly/monthly existence. Like Shaq and his endorsement checks.

3) Finally, I want my friends and family to be without financial issues. This is mainly so I don't have to give anyone cash but it's also so that their lives are a little less stressful and maybe it'll help their own brand of crazy. Pay off their student loans and clean up their credit. I definitely don't believe money is a cure-all BUT it does make the medicine easier to swallow and allows you to buy it in the first place.

Enough Sean randomness.
Time to go back to listening to Childish Gambino and trying to write.