Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Hate Bluetooth Headsets

(okay, so the title doesn't relate to the post AT ALL, I'm just saying....)



So I'm trying to get things back on track in my life. If you have read my blog for any length of time you would know that I'm spending a lot of time doing introspective work on my life. I still have work to do in that category but I'm also trying to work with practical solutions as well.

One of those is giving up the liquor. (For more on my progress on that, go HERE.

That is....proceeding. I guess that's all I can say on that but I have high hopes that it will save what little liver I have left, keep me out of too much trouble, stop blackout moments and save a little scratch.

The last reason is very important to me since I need money. Work hasn't been too great at providing hours, which is expected at the beginning of the year and is being resolved as we speak but money would help in a lot of ways with other parts of my life. Not going to get into all the details now but I have to get another job and get my writing more up to snuff. Cannot live this way for too much longer.

I have faith that everything will be resolved or on their way to a resolution by March. Until then, this is how I feel.

Venom= Current Issues; Eric Foreman= Me

I'll be cool. But, damn, a cold beer would be SO nice right about now.