Thursday, April 26, 2012


Earth is more than one world. Or maybe it's just a nexus of overlapping parallel universes of humans. A multiverse. Parallel humanities and societies and civilizations forced to interact with each other. Maybe that's why we don't get along.
My worldview may be distorted by too much sci-fi in the DNA though. I've seen too many monolithic worlds, worlds described as ice planets or desert globes. Too many episodes of Star Trek with worldwide uniforms that have skewed my view of humanity.
Or maybe I'm right. Maybe where we are living is the collision of a multiverse of Earths. The inhabitants of these Earths are trying to live as one on this too small globe of blues, greens, browns and whites.
Or perhaps EACH PERSON represents their own individual world society. We are each the spokesperson for our own unique world and our mission is like the United Nations. We are here to show the best of our people and try to learn from others. And, hopefully, live in peace until we return back to our home planet with new wisdom gleaned from the experience of living among other aliens on Earth.