Thursday, October 9, 2008

Maybe I'm Silver Creek, Nebraska

People often use metaphors and descriptions of other things to describe themselves and others. Or at least I do. I compare people to cars, animals, time periods, etc. I've recently come across something else to compare people to. Places.

If I'm a place then I'm probably currently Silver Creek, Nebraska.

Let me explain.

I believe everyone has it in them to be a big city. At times I have been New York City (word) and I'm sure whoever reading this has been L.A. or Tokyo or Paris at one time in their lives. Maybe it was at a really good party, or while out of town or maybe you were a lucky one and have been one of these sprawling metropolises for months on end. This is all to say that at many periods in our lives we have been the place where everyone wants to go, the person everyone wants to see, the place where everything is happening and the person who is living it up with the good and bad of reality.

I imagine fine wine and fancy cheese parties.

I'm not any of these big cities right now. Yes, I do go out on the odd weekend night and can get an old glimmer of the old New York charm. Not to sound (too) cocky but I can still attract groups people to me like moths to a flame if I put up my old effort. I just don't really want to as much as I used to.

I want to be a small town. The kind of place you fly over if you are just looking for that wild time in that big city. I want to be a place you drive through or stop to catch a quick break. I used to fight it but sometimes being a small town isn't bad. People come in and learn something new they didn't know before. They discover something about themselves they never knew in these places. They might even hook up with a random hot diner waitress in this town. (it happens)

The good thing about these small towns is that not too much bullshit remains for long. Sure, they might greet you nicely but it's fleeting and not more is expected than that.

There are, of course, those times when you break down and become stuck in these little hamlets but you eventually decide if you want to stay or to go. If you truly want to stay, its because you have found something quaint and comfortable about this place. It has grown on you and just fits your lifestyle perfectly. See, that's the thing about small towns (at least in my mind) they are either good for you or not at all what you want and you figure it out quickly. If it is wrong for you, you move on learning something or reaffirming what you already knew. If it is a good fit, guess what? You have become one of those good solid people who are content with life and their position.

And who knows? You might turn that small town into a nice big city where people want to visit. I mean even Las Vegas started out as some sand in the middle of nowhere.
Just saying.