Monday, December 31, 2012


Ten Random Things I Like (at this exact moment)-
just to get the blog writing muscles back up to snuff

I know. I know. You are probably thinking "Pssstt. Typical guy." But trust me. My putting lesbian ladies on this list is not sexual in nature. And I also don't mean ALL lesbians. There is no one group that I'm totally cool with. That's weird. I do find myself enjoying chilling with lesbians more than hanging with gay dudes though. This is not a knock against the gay dudes I do hang with; I love y'all it's just I'm on the same page when I hang with ladies that like ladies. I don't have to impress them and their is no weirdness there....
Except for Hannah Hart. I think I have a crush on her and that might get strange.
I'd butter yo shit, girl...

I miss McMullan's in Vegas.
I refer you to my other blog and my love of drinking and camaraderie. Irish pubs provide that 90% of the time. And if some awkward moment pops up, I'm less likely to Hulk out if I'm enjoying myself with a fine ale.

Damn, B!
I'm from New York City. I grew up in a neighborhood with tough girls and they were quicker to read you the riot act than in other areas. I'm familiar with their ways. They are also easier to read if they like you.

Okay, I know I JUST said I like rude girls but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate nice ladies. Nice people are awesome and when they smell good and have lady parts? That's even better. They confuse me but I at least know the confusion is coming from a good place.

5)90s MUSIC(or at least 90s HIP-HOP)- 
Quick. Turn on a radio.
Sucks, right?
All older generations say it but I'm finding that it's proving to be true- "Music now blows. The music I listened to as I grew up is much better." It probably mostly comes from the fact that the music is connected with experiences I had that help mold me into who I am today but.....nah. Music was just better. There is no possible way that you should have a party with crappy tunes if you have access to, at the bare minimum, 1990s era hip-hop.
These dudes could give you an hour of good music alone.

6)99¢ SLICE- 
Lint, ling, ahhh! Four quarters. FOOD TIME!!!
Recessionista life. Only thing better? 75¢ SLICE

I'm not talking about "dangerous, Chief Keef's cousin will shoot you in the face" areas. I'm referring to neighborhoods where if you are from the outside looking in or just follow what the news say about it, you'd think it was a bad neighborhood. Usually, if you visit someone that lives there, you'll find out that it really isn't horrible and most people are just trying to live their existence in peace and are on the same pursuit for the American Dream. I also find these areas to be more community like. They are generally accepting of more types of people, particularly when I compare it to certain upscale neighborhoods. They are far more welcoming.

Really just an excuse to post a pic of a wet Carrie Keagan.
I have found that less clothes usually equals less BS. (Except with too much testosterone and alcohol is involved but, really, isn't that everything?)

I don't just like Fall. I LOVE Fall. The weather, the fact that I can rock hoodies, the variation of colors. FACT- Fall is a cooler, sexier version of Spring.

10)SCI-FI(some fantasy)- 
I guess I just like the ideas of other realities besides this one. The whole "best of all possible worlds" scenario seems like BS to me particularly after watching the news for a little while. I think we all need that other universe to escape to sometimes.
Evolve to meet your future.