Friday, September 5, 2008

Why You Can't Always Be the Responsible One or The Bigger Person

something I read that made me think from God Save The Queen-by Mike Carey and illustrated by John Bolton. I was gonna include the back story on this but I think it is an effective little few sentences, even on its own, out of context.

"If someone is always there, you sort of get to think that you can go away for as long as you like.
And come back.
And go away.
And come back.
And they'll always be where you left them last. Like the toys you turn up under sofa cushions. Or the good bits in a book you read when you were five."

Think this is true and we sometimes take the people that truly care about us for granted and mistreat them the most because we think they aren't ever going to leave us. But they can and they might and they often times do.
So, for all of those I have treated in such a manner, I apologize. It is human nature but that's no excuse. We should always try to evolve into better versions of ourselves and this is something that we shouldn't accept but it is something we should overcome.

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